Online Underwear Companies and Their Unrelenting Growth

The internet has revolutionized shopping and has shaped many of the habits that consumers have today. A niche that follows this pattern is the underwear niche. The ability to advertise to millions of potential buyers and present detailed descriptions of certain underwear to these consumers has helped to grow the underwear industry dramatically.

Most people have abandoned the idea of purchasing cheaper, department store underwear and have started to order higher quality and more expensive underwear online. Below are a few reasons that explain the exponential growth in the underwear industry because of the internet.

Social Media

Young people are much more concerned with fashion today than they were 50 years ago and underwear companies like MeUndies, Mack Weldon, Tommy John, and several others are taking advantage of this. Most young people in 2017 have social media accounts. This is a goldmine, not just for underwear companies, but, for almost all fashion companies and niches. These companies have the ability to target and advertise to the demographic of people that actually care about and want to see their product.

Ease of Shopping

Consumers don’t have to ask employees what the materials used or the cost is for an article of clothing anymore. Everything they need is written right in front of them. Because more young people are internet savvy, navigating through an online shopping website is effortless. These websites are accessible by simply searching the product you wish to purchase in a search engine. Shopping websites generally have their own search engines for their own products as well.

The internet also provides underwear companies with the unique opportunity to index their underwear in a very detailed manner. Buyers are given the ability to make a much more informed decision with complete access to a company’s testimonials and reviews, ratings, and history. Customers can find what they are looking for in a matter of seconds and check out in the same amount of time that it took them to find it.


The convenience that the internet provides both underwear companies and underwear shoppers with it unmatched. Shoppers don’t need the help of a sales person because the shopper already knows what the sales person would have told them. Underwear companies can get closer to their audience through advertising techniques like paying Instagram influences for posts, video ads, and pay per click.

Instagram influencers are generally younger people which gives promotion and connection to the fashion audience a much stronger foundation. Also, the opinions of consumers are held to a much higher standard than they used to. The internet has revolutionized the convenience of underwear shopping for companies and buyers.